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The following pubs all serve food in Wallasey:

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Map WebSite More Details Bobby's Bar 1-2 Union Terrace, Marine Promenade Wallasey CH45 2JT 0151 639 1793
Map   More Details Clarence The 89, Albion St New Brighton Wallasey CH45 9JQ 0151 639 3860
Map   More Details Ferry The 48, Tobin St Wallasey CH44 8DF 0151 639 3205
Map   More Details Magazine Hotel 7, Magazine Brow Wallasey CH45 1HP 0151 637 3974
Map   More Details Nags Head Rake Lane Wallasey CH45 1JP 0151 639 9831
Map   More Details Nelson Hotel Grove Rd Wallasey CH45 3HN 0151 639 7102
Map   More Details Office The within Queens Royal Hotel Marine Promenade New Brighton Wallasey CH45 2JT 0151 630 0101
Map   More Details Seacombe Ferry Hotel Victoria Place Wallasey CH44 6NR 0151 639 6149
Map   More Details Ship Inn The 208, Breck Rd Wallasey CH44 2ED 0151 637 3944
Map   More Details Stanley's 83, Seaview Rd Wallasey CH45 4LE 0151 639 9736
Map   More Details Stanleys Vaults 2, King St Wallasey CH44 8AU 0151 639 7723
Map WebSite More Details Telegraph Inn 25-27, Mount Pleasant Rd New Brighton Wallasey CH45 5EW 0151 639 1508

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