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The following pubs all serve food in Rochdale:

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Map WebSite More Details Baum The Toad Lane, Rochdale OL12 0NU 01706 352186
Map   More Details Blue Ball Inn The 539, Edenfield Rd Rochdale OL11 5XH 01706 642270
Map   More Details Brown Cow 832, Edenfield Rd Rochdale OL12 7RB 01706 649467
Map   More Details Cask & Feather 1, Oldham Rd Rochdale OL16 1UA 01706 711476
Map   More Details Cemetery Hotel 470, Bury Rd Rochdale OL11 5EU 01706 645635
Map   More Details Church Inn The 906, Manchester Rd Rochdale OL11 2SR 01706 523002
Map   More Details Citizen Inn The 110, Drake St Rochdale OL16 1PN 01706 654095
Map   More Details Country Rock Cafe 34, Drake St Rochdale OL16 1NU 01706 869812
Map   More Details Craven Heifer Tavern The 7, Broad Lane Rochdale OL16 4QQ 01706 645900
Map   More Details Dog & Partridge 520, Bury Rd Rochdale OL11 4DQ 01706 648073
Map   More Details Donkey The 21, Syke Rd Syke Rochdale OL12 9TB 01706 648480
Map   More Details Egerton Arms Ashworth Road, Ashworth Valley, Bamford,Rochdale OL11 5UP 01706 646183
Map   More Details Elephant & Castle The 608, Bury Rd Bamford Rochdale OL11 4AU 01706 641801
Map   More Details Empire The Packer St Rochdale OL16 1NJ 01706 359162
Map   More Details Fair View Inn The 78, Broad Lane Burnedge Rochdale OL16 4QQ 01706 645517
Map   More Details Gale The 370, Whitworth Rd Syke Rochdale OL12 0SF 01706 645889
Map   More Details Gallows The Kiln Lane Milnrow Rochdale OL16 3TR 01706 642898
Map   More Details Horse & Farrier 776, Edenfield Rd Rochdale OL12 7RB 01706 648728
Map   More Details John Milne Newhey Road Milnrow Rochdale OL16 4JF 01706 299999
Map   More Details Kingsway Hotel 145, Kingsway Rochdale OL16 5HS 01706 646259
Map   More Details Lancashire Lass 444, Edenfield Rd Rochdale OL12 7PD 01706 640114
Map   More Details Manor The Edenfield Road, Norden, Rochdale OL12 7TT 01706 650027
Map   More Details Midland Beer Co The 826 Manchester Rd Castleton Rochdale OL11 3AW 01706 750873
Map   More Details Regal Moon The Butts Rochdale OL16 1HB 01706 657434
Map   More Details Sir Winston Churchill Bury New Road, Bamford, Rochdale OL11 5HW 01706 360530
Map   More Details Spring Inn 183, Broad Lane Rochdale OL16 4PR 01706 633529
Map   More Details Star Inn 438, Edenfield Rd Rochdale OL12 7PD 01706 646479
Map   More Details Success To The Plough Bolton Rd Rochdale OL11 3LW 01706 633270
Map   More Details Waggon Inn Butterworth Hall Milnrow Rochdale OL16 3PE 01706 648313
Map   More Details White Lion Hotel 102, Yorkshire St Rochdale OL16 1JY 01706 860287
Map   More Details White Lion Inn 942, Edenfield Rd Rochdale OL12 7SS 01706 650341
Map   More Details Yates's Wine Lodge 5, Yorkshire St Rochdale OL16 1BH 01706 646319

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